Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not all gel polish services are the same

How many of you have experienced Shellac? Or Gelish? Gel polish manicures are becoming increasing popular. In fact, it has been two years since I have used traditional polish for a manicure! When done properly, a gel manicure can last up to 4 weeks! Of course this depends mostly on the wearer; however I just had a client that went 3 months!

Here are a few things that can prohibit you from getting the most out of your gel manicure, and most of them are not in your control. They are in the control of your manicurists, and probably not much you can do about it, except find someone who knows what they are doing!

First thing you should find out is if a LED lamp is being used. Yes, a traditional UV lamp works and will give you the same results, but is the product being cured for the full 2 minutes? And do you really want to sit there longer than you have to? A LED lamp will give you a strong and fast cure, in most cases, 30 seconds. Yes, seconds!

Another common problem is not properly preparing the nail plate. Again, this is not in your control and without training it is difficult to know what exactly is being done to the nail plate. Just know that if you are experiencing "lifting" ( where the products seems to just peel off the nail) that this means the nail plate was not correctly prepared for the product. Also, when the nail is not prepped right, this can lead to bacterial infections commonly known as the "greenies".

Something that is in your control and is a common problem is hand placement in the lamp. Be sure that your fingers are flat, and remain flat during the curing process. Make sure that all the fingers are in direct exposure of the light, especially the thumbs. Depending on the lamp model, it is generally better to sure the thumbs separately from the other fingers.

Lastly, the best deal in town may not be providing you with the best quality service. The right products play a large role in the final results. Here at Digits and Derma, I have over 30 colors of Gelish, and 18 colors of the new OPI gel colors! I personally prefer OPI to any other brand. I have different brands to choose from, and OPI is by far my favorite.

Hope this helps and as always I look forward to your phone call!

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