Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can a chemical peel be appealing?

Fall is here! My year has blown past me, and I am still playing catch up. The changing of the season is the ideal time for a facial. The colder weather tends to dry out our skin, more than we are accustom to feeling. A deep cleansing, hydrating facial helps to ease the skin into the winter change and help you get that extra boost of moisturizing that we desperately try to achieve - we do live in a desert! Along with our dry skin, many of us are uncertain as to which products work best for our skin types, and our skin conditions. As young children, most of us are taught very little as to how to correctly take care of our skin. As your skin expert, I can honestly say, that many of us are ill if not wrongfully informed. If you are having skin issues, then please call me for a complimentary face mapping consultation, and I am happy to get you back on track. You may be surprised as to what may be the cause of your skin problems. Will a peel help with your skin problems? How many of you have had a chemical peel, or know of someone that had a chemical peel? If you have, then you are probably aware of the "down time" that comes with getting a treatment like this. Now you should be asking yourself, why is there a "down time"? The down time is when you want to hide your face and crawl into a hole while the redness and swelling dissipates. The irritation that comes from a chemical peel is actually the "burn" from the treatment, and this is what causes your skin to be red, inflamed, and just unhappy. However; once past the "down time" and if you had a properly applied treatment, then the results can be rewarding after the treatment. You should be able to see and feel a difference in skin texture, softer appeareance of fine/deep lines, brighter skin, and a more hydrated "fullness" to the skin. In a nutshell, the chemical peel is forcing the upper layer of skin to "peel" off like a snake, exposing fresh new baby skin. I had the great privealge of attending a hands-on workshop with Dermalogica and the new BioActive Peel. For many years, Dermalogica did not offer a chemical peel, and chemical peels were for a very small population of people with different skin issues, such as acne scarring. Now, after much research, Dermalogica has released a biphasic chemical peel, that will leave you with NO "down time". How, do you ask? The different phases of the treatment, and enzymatic action allow for a more gentle process of removing the upper layer of skin, that is less traumatic, and still yields results. I, personally, had it done yesterday, and I am impressed with my results. As with any treatment, this one is not for everyone, but it would be beneficial to most. In order to get the most out of this BioActive Peel, you may need to come in and a get a hydrating facial, because if your skin is too dehydrated, you will not have the best results, and may have some "down time" because of dehydration. I can honestly say, I didn't think I would ever be in favor of a peel, much less offering them. You can call me with your questions, at 505-480-9334. I stay pretty busy, so please leave me a message. I return all messages!! Thanks and see you soon. -Kym

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