Friday, August 21, 2015

The Truth About Electric Files, Nail Enhancements, and Your Nails

I know the general consumer, who frequently receives nail services, has concerns regarding a nail tech using an electric file on their nails. Is it safe? Will it damage my nails? Like any other tool used in the beauty industry- whether it is a blow dryer, a flat iron, or a nail file- it really depends on the person wielding the tool! Can a flat iron burn and damage your hair? Yes! But if a flat iron is used correctly, it can make your tresses silky smooth. This is also true for any nail service where a nail tech uses an electric file. First of all, not all electric files are created equal. A "Dremel", a "drill" or any other "hobby tool" is not appropriate for use upon anyone's natural nail or nail enhancements. Those kinds of tools have too much power, speed, and vibration that can cause serious damage to the natural nail- and cause carpal tunnel syndrome to the technician. Electric files that are created specifically for nails are finely crafted machines that can range from $100 to $600. A good machine will have an ultra light hand piece with little to no vibration, as well as a good range of torque (power) and speed settings. These machines are worth every penny! Second, the proper use of an e-file is indispensable to the quality and efficiency of the work completed by the technician, and the final results of the nails. The bits and bands used with an e-file have a 3D shape that allow for close up work in the cuticle area- where a 2D flat hand file can't reach. Also, an e-file reduces the hand and finger stress of the technician- prolonging the career and reducing the probability of carpal tunnel syndrome. The e-file is also a major time saver!! It use to take me over 3 hours to hand file my sets of nails. Expecting a nail tech to not use an e-file is like expecting a hairstylist not to use a hairdryer. It can be done, but it drastically influences the end results of the final appearance. Lastly, proper education and experience on how to use an e-file is a MUST!! Unfortunately, here in Albuquerque, nail education is elusive. Nationwide, only a few companies offer electric file education. It takes a dedicated nail professional to seek the education and master the e-file. A properly trained and educated nail tech will nourish, protect, and preserve the integrity of the natural nail during the entire process. A trashed nail will still look trashed with product on top. It is like a house, if the foundation is in poor shape- then it is only a matter of time before the house falls around your ears. If your nail tech doesn't understand this- then it is time to search for someone better!

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