Thursday, August 11, 2016

Eco-liner spa pedicure

I have been keeping busy with work, work, and more work. If you missed my blogs- I apologize for the long absence.

I am sure many of you have seen the new trend of "Eco-liner" spa pedicures, and I thought that I would address this topic. The name "Eco-liner" makes it sound like it is good for our environment, but in reality- I think it is the exact opposite for our environment. Here is why I feel this way about "Eco-liners". An "Eco-liner" is a plastic liner that fits a special pedicure unit, so that the operator can simply empty out the pedicure water, and throw away the plastic liner when the service is complete. These liners cost about $.60 to $1.00 each depending on the quantity that gets purchased at a time. So, my question to you is- if being green and "Eco-friendly" is about reducing use and waste- how can these liners be considered "Eco-friendly"? Our use of plastic has become a problem. Plastic does not break down easily, and the other types that are biodegradable- tend to leave a toxic residue behind. Recycling helps, but I doubt the salons using these liners are recycling them, and more than likely are simply throwing them in the trash. Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle- that means not creating more trash.

Let's talk about why these liners are used in the first place. Many operators will say it is for the clients' protection against disease and infection. In my professional opinion- nothing is better against disease and infection than good old soap and hot water. Doing a complete job of cleaning and disinfecting with a hospital grade disinfectant ensures that equipment and tools are ready for the next service. It takes 15 minutes or less for a thorough job of cleaning up after a service, and this is not hard work. I think too many operators in our industry are too lazy or too busy to care. If an operator is unable to clean the pedicure spa- it has to make you wonder what else is he/she not cleaning? Sure, he/she may be able to toss the liner after the service, but is he/she still cleaning the liner holder after the service? It does not take much to contaminate a surface, and if the operator is already in the habit of "not cleaning" he/she probably are not conscientious enough to keep the rest of his/her tools properly cleaned and disinfected.

Another thing for you to keep on the look out- are the salons that require you to "purchase" your own implements- such as nail clippers, cuticle pusher, etc. These places are under the impression, that if there is a set of implements for each customer- this eliminates the need for cleaning and disinfecting implements; because the set only gets used on one individual. WRONG. Despite having a dedicated set of tools for each client- operators are required to clean and disinfect each implement before storage. We all have germs, and given the opportunity (the right conditions and environment, such as a dark and closed box)- these germs will grow, reproduce, and can cause infection. Somehow, people are under the impression that their own germs won't cause harm- wrong again. My last parting words to you, is to take the personal responsibility for your personal safety. Find a salon, and a operator that you can trust to take care of your beauty needs. Doing a job well, not only means the desired end results, but also, following correct protocol and procedures to ensure everyone's safety- operator included.

I have included a link explaining more about plastics and how they impact our environment.

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