Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What to Expect and How to Get the Most from Your Visit to the Salon

Going to a different salon can be a scary task, but here are some tips to make the transition a smooth and enjoyable experience. It is important that you are prepared for your appointment. Do your homework and research. What haircut do you want? What color do you want to color your hair? You should have 2-3 various styles to show your stylist and a good stylist would be able to help you decide which look is most flattering for your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Now days with technology- having pictures of examples on your phone is a great idea.

Call ahead to make an appointment. Occasionally, salons can accommodate a drop in service, but occasionally that means squeezing you into a partial appointment slot, and worst case scenario- getting a rushed job. Poor planning is usually a major factor for less than average results. In order to get precision work and detail, you must allow enough time for the process. Allow time for a thorough consultation, you may find out that awesome trendy hair color requires a touch up every 3 weeks to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. Is that something you are willing to commit your time to having done every 3 weeks? Also, don't assume how much time your service will take. Every stylist has a different set of skills, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Ask how much time to allow for your appointment when you call to book it. It is stressful for both you and your stylist to perform a service that would normally take an hour, but because of poor planning- you have somewhere else to be in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, none of us have a magic wand to wave around to complete the transformation. Be a few minutes early, or at the very least be on time. Arriving 15 minutes late or more may mean that you will need to be rescheduled or at the very least omissions to your service- like not getting your hair dried and styled. This typically makes the stylist run late and will compromise other clients and their appointments.

Communication is key. Don't be afraid to voice your concerns and opinions. This should be done in a respectful manner to your stylist, and he/she generally will be more than happy to make any necessary adjustments. After all, this is a customized service, tailored specifically for you. Keep in mind, that many results are changeable (even extensions if too much hair was cut), and if your final results were not quite what you had in mind- this is part of the evolution. All hair and nail services are evolution until it becomes maintenance. That means, until you find the jackpot, expect some changes until you get to that stage. Perfection takes time to cultivate, and give your stylist an opportunity to make any changes to anything that is not making you happy. It can't be fixed unless he/she knows about it. Avoiding the issue will continue the cycle of dissatisfaction.

Reasonable expectations. If you have a bad hair cut from three weeks ago, there may not be enough hair to work with to create a new style. Often this requires some patience and time, and can be worth the wait. Again, it is evolution until it becomes maintenance. Sometimes the hair styles we choose may not work with our particular hair type, texture, or density. It is important to listen to the input of your stylist- after all they are professionals.

Pricing. You should expect a difference in cost when it comes to hair color maintenance. If you normally get a retouch every 3-4 weeks, but for some reason had to wait 8 weeks- expect to pay more. Your stylist has to do more work, and use more product. This is also true for nails. Don't be afraid to ask for an estimate price or quote to make sure you are within your budget.

Don't bring small children. If your child is getting a service- that is a completely different scenario, otherwise don't bring small children to your services. There are many sharp objects and dangerous chemicals that can cause serious harm to a child. An unattended child is distracting and stressful to both you and your stylist. Small unattended children can also make other clients uncomfortable. Most of all, it is unfair for the child to sit and wait for your services to be completed.

Tried a different stylist - and you are back?? It happens. It is perfectly fine to test the waters somewhere else. Fess up and inform your stylist, especially if you received a chemical service from someone else to avoid any potential adverse reactions. Your stylist would be happy to have you return and it gives them an opportunity to make any adjustments if needed.

Tipping. This is a great way to let your stylist know you are satisfied with their work. It is customary for 15% gratuity on the service total. If your stylist has an assistant helping with the service- it is a good idea to slip them $5 to $10 for helping to take care of your needs.

Hope this is useful! See you soon!

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