Saturday, August 18, 2012

What beautiful lashes you have.......

Many of the ladies that come to me for lashes receive this compliment, over and over. You can hear this too! There are three wonderful options for you, and as technology gets better, so do the products. I am a firm believer that the best products provide the best results. Option 1: With eyelash tinting, you can get darker lashes, and a "natural" look. The application process takes about 30 minutes and it is a semi-permanent tint, especially formulated for the eyes. It is very different from what your hairstylist uses on your hair. This option will hold its color for about 2 weeks. Option 2: You can get semi-permanent Cry Baby Mascara, which will give you more volume, darker, bolder lashes, that will hold a curl, and stand up to a very active lifestyle. Including swimming, because they are waterproof! This is an affordable alternative to eyelash extensions. The application is less tedious (on me) therefore; less expensive compared to extensions. The mascara can boost your lashes from 30-50% more than what you have naturally. This mascara is a salon service, and the results will last for about 2 weeks. Say good-bye to flakey, smudgy, raccoon eyes! You too, can roll out of bed looking simply beautiful. Option 3: You can get the knock 'em out gorgeous eyelash extensions. I prefer to use the synthetic silk lashes which are ultra light, extra glossy black/colors, and slightly wider at the base for a darker lash line and better adhesion. Extensions are water resistant, but not waterproof. The initial appointment is 2 hours and includes the consultation, and application of the lashes. This initial appointment is significantly more expensive than the fill appointments, which take one and a half hours, every 3-4 weeks. Some things to consider when getting extensions: this is a hair to hair application, so if you have twenty eyelashes on your eyelids, then you will have twenty eyelash extensions. The extensions are 2-3 times thicker than the natural lash, so they will give you more volume, and they are already curled. However, if you have a natural gap, then more than likely you will still have that gap with the extensions. The extensions are attached one hair at a time, to each individual eyelash. Yes, this is a painstaking, time consuming process. In the end, the results are gorgeous and worth every penny. When you are shopping for extensions, keep in mind the time frame for an appointment. Sometimes it is not always about the cost, but about the quality of the service. If the initial appointment does not take at least an hour and a half, you may want to ask yourself why not, and what short cuts are being used. Maybe, the lashes are in clusters of 3-5 instead individual. In any case, I am always happy to answer your questions that you may have, and clarify anything in detail. Hope this helps and I will chat with you again soon. -Kym

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