Sunday, September 6, 2015

10 Signs that You May Need a New Nail Tech

Change can be difficult, and finding a new person to do services for you can be scary. Many times, finding someone new can seem to be more daunting than putting up with the current service provider. After all, what guarantees do you have that the new service provider will give a better service? The short answer is - you don't know what may be in store for you at the new place, but nothing risked nothing gained.

1. The first sign that you need a new nail tech is if it is painful to get nail services. Accidents happen, and an occasional nick in the skin is not what I am talking about. Does your tech remove your nail enhancements properly? Are they prying off your enhancements? Are your fingers sore every time you get worked on? Most nail damage occurs from improper application and removal. Peeling and prying any type of nail enhancement- soft gel, hard gel, or acrylic will leave your nails thin, weak, and damaged. This is a NO NO!

2. Is your nail tech dependable and reliable? Yes, we all have lives, and emergencies arise where occasionally appointments need to be rescheduled; however, if your appointments get rescheduled more often than kept- it may be time to find someone else. If your nail tech is consistently changing your appointment- then they are not serious enough about their work to make it a number one priority. Your time is just as valuable as the nail tech's time.

3. Is your nail tech practicing infection control? Are the files clean and are the one time use items being tossed after use? Does your nail tech sanitize his/her hands and your hands/feet before the start of the service? Are the metal implements soaking in disinfectant? Is there stuff floating in the disinfectant? Is the disinfectant solution cloudy? Is the table wiped and cleaned before each client? Are the towels clean? If these basic infection control practices aren't being followed- SCARY. I know it is difficult to keep shelves clean because of the nail dust that is generated with each set of nails, but there are some corners that should not be cut.

4. Do your nails lift? If you wear nail enhancements, then the word "lifting" should be a familiar word. Otherwise, you either you don't wear enhancements, or your nail tech is a Rockstar and has mastered the art of "no lift nails". Yes, there are Rockstars out there!

5. Is your nail tech trendy? I am not only referring to keeping up with the latest styles, colors, and fashion, but also the training, latest techniques, continuing education, and using new technology and products. This is what it takes to become the best and top of your field. New products and techniques can increase efficiency and new products might work better.

6. Does your tech use an electric file? A hobby tool? Or a Dremel? A Dremel or a hobby tool is too aggressive for the nail plate, and can cause severe damage to both the operator and the client. If they are not using an e-file, then this could be why your appointments take a long time, or why your nails lift. I believe that you can do amazing natural nail care without an e-file, but to do any type of enhancements without an e-file is like asking your hair stylist to dry your hair without a blow dryer. If he/she does use an electric file, do they use a dust extractor? A lot of micro fine dust is generated with an e-file. This is dangerous for both the tech and the client. Or do they use a surgical mask? Are you offered a mask for your protection? Not using any of these things is a great way to find out how long it will take for a lung transplant.

7. Is your tech a licensed professional? You would be amazed by how many "professionals" didn't actually attend a beauty school and moonlights as a licensed professional. This could be why they aren't practicing infection control, or don't know any better than to rip off the enhancements from your nail. Licenses must be posted where you can check.

8. Does your nail tech care for your nail health? Does your tech continuously over file your nail plate? You can tell if there are red circles burned into your nail plate- sometimes it hurts but it always looks bad. A healthy nail is required to become the sturdy foundation for nail enhancements. It is our job to not only make your nails look nice, but also to nourish, protect and care for the natural nail.

9. When you get a pedicure, does your tech use blades, graters, or metal files? This is a big NO NO. In the state of New Mexico, it is illegal for a professional to use any metal tool with an edge for the purpose of removing or smoothing calluses. None of us are trained to use these tools, and those tools potentially can cause severe harm and/or infection. Just not worth the risk of harm/infection nor losing your license- wait- maybe they don't have one to lose?

10. The final sign that you need a new nail tech is if you are continuing to read this blog, then you are in the market for a new nail tech. Somehow in some way you are not 100% satisfied with the work that your nail tech is doing for you, and you are wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

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